Easily Control your inventory level and manage effectively

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Everything you need for IT support

Product & Service

Manage Multiple Product & Service with Barcode Feature

Billing & Invoicing

Create and Track invoice quick and accurate

Customer Relationship

Manage your all customer contacts, estimation, payment records in a single place


Create the Professional estimate within a minute

Expense Management

Track you all business expense against project/service & clients


Track every single transaction of your business in one place

Payment Record

Track the payment status of all your business invoices

Customized Reports

Generate the report based on your need with advanced filter options.

Advanced Dashboards

A Powerful and Analytic dashboard with your enriched data.

Item Management

Manage your product/service by grouping
into different categories along with custom fields

Sales Order

Convert sales orders into an invoice by a single click.
It eliminates lots of human work and human error, moreover,
its saves your valuable time

Purchase Order

Raise purchase order based on your inventory level.
Get notification on when to reorder. Never miss
customer request due to low stock level

Invoice Templates

Spro Inventory offers plenty of invoice templates with customization option. Those templates are tested with different devices, different platforms

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